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lift cruise Ronquieres-Doornik

- This boat trip starts down in Ronquieres, at the exit of the old canal with small locks which has been replaced by the Sloping Plane of Ronquieres.

- Here are many old spiers and other ships with a residential function. Here you can still see two old manual locks.

- We go up with the Bak and then sail to the impressive lift of Strepy-Thieu where we go    down about 74m. Downstairs you can visit the old hydraulic lifts.

- The next day we leave for Blaton / Bernisart.

- Bike tour where you can visit the Beloeil castle with 25ha of gardens and ponds, or to  the Bernisart museum of the mining site and prehistoric fossils found in the stone layers.

- The next day we sail to Antoing / Tournai.

- Goodbye Black Pearl after breakfast