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bicycle cruise.Antoing-Namen

9-day full-board bicycle cruise.

Dag 1:

Embark from 16:00 on the Black Pearl. Dinner on board.

Dag 2:

 Departure to Blaton-Bernisart.

Dag 3:

Bicycle tour to Beloeil castle gardens, 25 ha, or Bernisart museum

Dag 4:

Boat trip to the Strepy-Thieu lift.

Dag 5:

Lift Strepy-Thieu [74m] up and visit engine room. Stay overnight near lift 1 historic center channel.

Dag 6:

Departure towards Namur.

Dag 7:

Arrival in Namur.

 Dag 8:

 Visit Namur.

 Dag 9:

Farewell after breakfast