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bike sailingcruise Chauny-Cambrai

Cruising Chauny-Cambrai

We leave the day after arriving on board in Chauny towards the St-Quentin canal where we arrive the next day and you can visit the city. After visiting St. Quentin we leave for the basement of the Tunnel where you can visit the museum of the tunnel. The next day we pass the 5.6 km tunnel, after which we sail towards Cambrai through various small locks. After arrival in Cambrai where you can visit the city with its many sights the next day. We sail to Pont-Malin, the first large lock on the way to Tournai. Then we leave for Tournai with the beautiful Pont Des Trous through which we sail. You can then visit and discover the beautiful old city of Tournai.

Dag 1:

Arrival on board in Chauny from 4 p.m.

Dag 2:

Departure towards St. Quentin.

Dag 3:

Arrival in St. Quentin.

Dag 4:

Visit St. Quentin.

Dag 5:

Sail to Soutterain Tunnel du Sud, visit museum.

Dag 6 :

Pass through tunnel and start cruise towards Cambrai.

Dag 7:

Arrival at Cambrai.

 Dag 8:  

Visit Cambrai.

Dag 9: 

Say goodbye to Black Pearl after breakfast.[Translate to Engels:] Vaarcruise Chauny-Cambrai